memorial archive dedicated to the music and artwork of Joshua Cooke aka 'q.w.e.s.t. the visionary'.


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dedicated to the artistic and musical output of Joshua Cooke aka q.w.e.s.t. the visionary


q.w.e.s.t. discography mixtape

free album - arranged chronologically, this futrospective is an honoring of all of the guest verses and original work q.w.e.s.t. contributed to the futro records discography during his time on this planet. mostly seen behind the scenes doing video, photo and visual art, q.w.e.s.t.'s voice appeared mostly on fam tracks over the years he was with us. that said, every line he shared was a blessing. he never hesitated to share his (global) truth thru a clear concise, positive perspective. 

we present this body of work with a heavy heart, full of watts in remembrance of the light that q.w.e.s.t. the visionary brought to the futro family. 

released December 28, 2015







q.w.e.s.t. fest
dedication playlist

a compilation of music compiled in honor of Josh Cooke. This playlist is a mixture of tracks that Josh talked about and shared with those around him. it is mostly underground hip hop, and much of it downtempo and introspective, and doesn't cover all of his musical tastes, but should help shape an idea of what he was into and his overall positive vibe. 

originally played at the q.w.e.s.t. the visionary - futrospective - release party that took place on 12/28/15 at Church Bar PDX.






q.w.e.s.t. the visionary
futro verse megamix

"This is a conglomeration of many of the late q.w.e.s.t. the visionary's verses that were featured on Futro Records projects. The full breadth of q.w.e.s.t.'s contributions are featured on the 'futrospective' mixtape, which was released on 12.28.15. As an introduction to his work, we present his voice in this way to highlight it's positive force of impact. In honor of our fallen/elevated brother. peace"   --   FUTRO